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Patriot Foundry & Castings
Physical Plant: Franklin, NH

Production/Shipping: 5:00am–3:30pm (M–Th)
Office: 8:30am–4:30pm (M–F)

1111B S Governors Ave #6061
Dover, DE 19904

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"There's a time for casting silver and a time for casting cannon. If that isn't in the Holy Writ, it should be."
Foundryman & Patriot

Patriot Foundry specializes in nonferrous sand castings

Patriot Foundry specializes in high-quality nonferrous sand castings to help you meet your product development needs.

Patriot is different than your typical foundry. We take the time to fully understand your project specifications and application requirements. We’ve earned the respect of industry by actively partnering with our clients to solve their part development and manufacturing challenges.

Meeting engineering challenges has been our passion for more than 20 years. We’re continuously exploring ways to save our customers money and solve their part development challenges.

Meeting Engineering Challenges

  1. A gear manufacturer needed a quarter-turn, explosion-proof gear. We worked with them to develop a technique to pour bronze onto a cast iron gear hub to solve both the engineering and budgetary problems.
  2. A packaging machinery manufacturer had two aluminum castings made that were then machined and fastened together. Patriot developed a way to make one casting requiring machining that saved them 40% on the part’s manufacturing cost.


CHASKA, MN (January 28th, 2022) — Cushman Foundry of Blue Ash, Ohio, was acquired by CaneKast. “This transaction enables us to take advantage of opportunities for growth and innovation across our facilities,” remarked Reg Zeller, CEO and owner of CaneKast. “The addition of Cushman provides us with a strategic location within our network and a knowledgeable workforce that can leverage cutting-edge equipment. We started acquiring foundries five years ago because we believe in local manufacturing. We want to continue to create jobs and opportunities for workers while giving customers a high-value, superior solution.”


How Patriot Foundry & Castings Can Help You:

  • We leverage over 20 years of engineering consulting experience and industry knowledge to help you with part development issues.
  • We have expertise in bronze, aluminum and zinc-based alloy casting.
  • We pour metal alloys around heating elements, copper tubing, cast iron parts and steel inserts/parts.
  • Whether you need a single custom product, or thousands of them, Patriot Foundry can help
  • We provide other value-added services, including pattern design/production, heat treating, annealing, machining, powder coating, painting, anodizing and assembling for completely finished parts.


  • ISO 9001:2015 certified to meet your required quality standards.
  • DFARS and conflict minerals compliant.
  • Patriot is part of the DOE’s Better Buildings, Better Plants program. Since 2009, Patriot has successfully reduced energy intensity by over 50% by Incorporating LEAN manufacturing procedures. We’ve increased our efficiency 25% by reducing waste and saving energy.
  • In line with our commitment to innovation, we’ve invested heavily in modernizing with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Patriot creates new manufacturing jobs in our region and contributes to a growing economy.

We are committed to helping customers in all industries continue to build the American Dream. Let us know about your project. We’d be proud to be your reliable partner for your nonferrous casting needs.

DUNS number is 826918117
CAGE Code is 54J41