Gear Casting

Gear CastingOffering world-class gear casting services, Patriot Foundry & Castings is a leading nonferrous foundry that specializes in producing gear sand castings using primarily bronze alloys for manufacturers, like you, to solve your product development needs.

We feel passionate about this because we have been solving engineering challenges for over twenty years working with customers to think outside the box to improve their products or reduce their overall production costs.

Most of these gears are sand castings from C862, C863, and C955. Our gear customers are small machine shops and fabricators to a $1.5 billion conglomerate. We take on projects from individual to thousands of parts, and currently cast gears from a few ounces to over 200 pounds. These parts include co-castings of bronze around or on cast iron, gears, gear boxes, handwheels, covers, indicators, and many other important items.

We have a strict set of documented procedures, lean production methods, and energy efficiency protocols that allow us to deliver repeatable, consistent and cost-effective products to our customers. Patriot Foundry & Castings is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

Our gear casting services include:

Assembly analysis/casting integration: We work closely with our gear casting clients to determine where possibilities exist to solve your challenges. For example, A gear manufacturer needed a quarter-turn, explosion-proof gear. We worked with them to develop a technique to pour bronze onto a cast iron gear hub to solve both the engineering and budgetary concerns.

Reverse engineering: Using 3D scanning, we can provide design analysis to replicate a part that’s been produced elsewhere. We’re also able to analyze chemical and metallographic characteristics to identify materials and post-production processes used. Once this is determined, we consult with the customer to develop an effective course of action to move to production.

Prototypes: Computer modeling has its place, but nothing beats an actual physical prototype. Prototypes help evaluate a manufacturing process and give a preview of how a part will look, feel and handle. At Patriot Foundry, we often produce fully functional prototypes, as well as non-working ones that are useful to present to potential investors, stakeholders and test market panels.

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