International Trade Council Interviews Chris Leuteritz

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As Patriot Foundry has grown since its inception in 1984, it has always operated on the principles of quality work and superior craftsmanship. When Debbi and Chris Leuteritz purchased the foundry in 2008 they had a vision of keeping the company up to speed with the changing needs of customers and industry standards. Since then,… Read more »

How We Reduced Our Casting Scrap Rate by 98%

Casting Mold Creation

Patriot Foundry is committed to producing defect-free bronze, aluminum, and zinc alloy casts for our clients. We set ourselves apart from other foundries by fostering partnerships with our customers to provide unique solutions to production challenges. When a recent project presented an imposing 50% casting scrap rate, we turned to ESI ProCAST software to help… Read more »

Foundry Casting : An Invaluable Service for America’s Top Industries

When you think about your life and the numerous industries that make it possible to live comfortably, it’s unlikely you think about the importance of foundry castings. In fact, when you imagine a foundry, you probably picture a factory that produces metal castings which have no part in your life. At Patriot Foundry, we understand… Read more »

Sand Casting: Time Tested Techniques For Modern Applications

Here at Patriot Foundry & Castings, our commitment to producing the highest quality sand castings for our customers comes from an unwavering dedication to preserving time-tested methods. At Patriot, we have set ourselves apart from other foundries by focusing on service while offering the cost-effective method of sand casting which allows us to cast products… Read more »

Patriot Foundry Welcomes Carolina Shoes For a Photoshoot!

It’s spring, and here at Patriot Foundry we’re preparing for another busy season of exciting projects that allow us to provide solutions for great companies around the country. You already know that we take great pride in our company, our products, our foundry, and our incredible employees. It’s this pride that gives us the motivation… Read more »