Patriot Foundry Owner to Present at 118th Metalcasting Congress

Chris Leuteritz, co-owner of Patriot Foundry & Castings, will be presenting at the 118th Metalcasting Congress in Illinois. The topic is energy efficiency and will be presented on April 8th at 2pm. Patriot Foundry has been able to reduce its energy intensity 57.94%! Energy intensity is measured as the total amount of energy required to produce a pound of castings. This has been accomplished by making energy intensity reduction a cornerstone project for the foundry, utilizing only the best foundry and casting equipment. Patriot Foundry has installed a variable drive air compressor, new lighting, and an induction furnace. Additionally, Patriot Foundry increased insulation, changed working hours, replaced equipment, and many other smaller projects that all added up to the significant reduction in energy intensity.