Patriot Foundry Welcomes Carolina Shoes For a Photoshoot!

truck side-smallIt’s spring, and here at Patriot Foundry we’re preparing for another busy season of exciting projects that allow us to provide solutions for great companies around the country. You already know that we take great pride in our company, our products, our foundry, and our incredible employees. It’s this pride that gives us the motivation to continue innovating and providing world-class solutions for our valued customers. Usually when we get a phone call, it’s a new potential client who is interested in learning more about our services, but just a few months ago we received a different sort of call, with an equally unique request.

Two Companies, Shared Values
As an American company with a commitment to making all of our castings here in the USA, we are always thrilled to work with another business who represents the working values of our fine country. When Carolina Shoe called us, hoping to showcase their rugged footwear standing up to the rigorous conditions of a foundry, we were thrilled to welcome them! Like Patriot Foundry, Carolina is committed to producing a top-quality product that’s designed to outlast and outperform what their competitors offer. Their commitment to customer service goes above and beyond, and that’s something that Patriot Foundry is passionate about too. When the opportunity arose to work together, of course we said yes!

A Great Product Serves its Purpose
Carolina wanted to demonstrate the rugged durability of their top quality work boots, in order to show that they were ideal for America’s working men and women – even in a harsh environment like our foundry. At Patriot, we know all too well the importance of protective footwear, and we were excited to see how Carolina’s extensive line of boots stood up to the day to day operations of a large-scale foundry. To capture the boots in action, a professional photographer visited Patriot Foundry in the Fall of 2015. His goal was to capture the foundry workers doing their jobs while the boots did theirs.

Capturing The American Spirit
When the Carolina photographer arrived at Patriot Foundry, he knew he’d be able to get the shots he had in mind. The tough environment and equipment set the perfect background to showcase the boots. During the shoot, the photographer was so impressed with our team and the materials he gathered the he decided to return at a later date to document our process on film! The video will show Patriot Foundry employees pouring bronze into sand molds to create bronze castings of Carolina’s logo, as well as other steps of the casting process. We are excited to see how this video turns out, and once we have it we will be adding it to our website, Facebook, and YouTube channel.

We were so grateful for the opportunity to work with a great American company like Carolina, and we are proud to see our team and Carolina’s high quality boots coming together to create eye catching images that capture the spirit of hard work that both our companies value. If you have a unique project that Patriot Foundry can help with, we’re excited to hear from you.