C955 Alloy Casting

alloy-casting-foundryC955 is a remarkably strong nickel/aluminum/bronze alloy that’s known for its tolerance to shocks/impacts and its resistance to corrosion. C955 alloys are used for a variety of parts, including bushings, gears and bearings.

At Patriot Foundry & Castings, we specialize in top-quality metal casting services using a myriad of materials, including C955. We can tackle C955 casting jobs consisting of anywhere between one and thousands of parts. We’re equipped to handle C955 castings from half an ounce to 232 pounds.

C955 Alloy Properties

Density Ultimate Tensile Strength Brinell Hardness Melting Onset
520 lb/ft3 110 to 130 x 103 psi 200 to 220 2250 °F