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VT Foundry

aluminum-casting-foundryLooking for a VT foundry? Consider your search over. Patriot Foundry & Castings is a leading, New England-based nonferrous foundry that serves the entire Green Mountain State. Our specialty is producing world-class sand castings of bronzealuminum and zinc-based alloys. We’re capable of handling jobs from 1 to thousands of pieces, and castings from half an ounce to 232 pounds.

We at Patriot Foundry adhere to rigid documented procedures and lean production methods, so we can guarantee our customers repeatable, consistent and cost-effective products. We also offer value-added services, including pattern design/production, heat treating, annealing, machining, powder coating, painting, anodizing and assembling. Unlike most foundries, a large percentage of our castings contain multiple materials.

We melt ingots of A356A357713C876C958ZA12ZA27, and many more. For a full list of alloys and detailed information on each, visit our page on alloy casting services. Our DUNS number is 826918117 and our CAGE Code is 54J41. Patriot Foundry & Castings is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

Our casting services include:

Assembly analysis/casting integration: We’ll work closely with you to identify possibilities to save costs. We recently saved one customer 60% in production costs by determining that two castings and one piece could be cast a single piece. Thanks to us, the company could recoup its tooling costs in less than two years.

Reverse engineering: Using cutting-edge 3D scanning technology, we can replicate a part that’s been produced elsewhere. We can even analyze chemical and metallographic characteristics to pinpoint materials and post-production techniques used.

Prototype casting: Not only are prototypes useful for presenting to potential investors, stakeholders and test market panels, they also help evaluate the efficiency of a manufacturing process. We produce fully functional and non-working prototypes.

Patriot Foundry serves all of Vermont, including the communities of Barre, Brandon, Brattleboro, Bristol, Cambridge, Castleton, Chester, Colchester, Derby, Essex, Fairfax, Georgia, Hartford, Highgate, Hinesburg, Jericho, Johnson, Lyndon, Manchester, Middlebury, Morristown, Northfield, Norwich, Pittsford, Poultney, Pownal, Putney, Randolph, Rockingham, Rutland, Shaftsbury, Shelburne, Springfield, St, Albans, St. Johnsbury, Stowe, Swanton, Waterbury, Westminster, Williamstown, Williston, Windsor and Woodstock.

For directions to Patriot Foundry from Vermont, see the map below:

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