Foundry Casting : An Invaluable Service for America’s Top Industries

Foundry CastingWhen you think about your life and the numerous industries that make it possible to live comfortably, it’s unlikely you think about the importance of foundry castings. In fact, when you imagine a foundry, you probably picture a factory that produces metal castings which have no part in your life. At Patriot Foundry, we understand that there’s a clear disconnect between what we do, and how others perceive us, that’s why we’re taking a moment to shed some light on the importance of foundry castings in industries that play an integral role in our everyday lives, like medical, electronics, automotive, and aerospace.

Foundry Castings for Medical Equipment

The medical equipment industry relies on some of the most precise, intricate, and powerful metal components for equipment used for surgery, patient care, therapy, and everything in between. Using advanced technology like 3D scanning, Patriot Foundry is able to replicate parts used elsewhere, allowing medical equipment manufacturers to duplicate existing pieces in order to get the equipment to medical facilities that require it. For designers of medical equipment and tools, we offer physical prototypes which provide an accurate representation of how the piece will look and feel.  

Foundry Castings in Electronics Components

Since electronics components can be extremely small, the importance of precision in the casting process is immeasurable. While some nonferrous casting foundries only cast parts of a certain size, at Patriot Foundry, we are capable of casting even the most detailed components as small as a few ounces. Some of the parts we frequently cast include housings, frames, pins, wheels, rollers, switches, handles, brackets, and more. The electronics industry is specific in terms of which materials can be used in the manufacturing of components, but we offer a wide range of choices in order to meet nearly any order specification. Since the electronics industry is constantly developing new innovations, the necessity of high-quality prototypes can mean the difference between a best-selling product and a failure. At Patriot Foundry, we can help with every step of production, from prototyping to orders of all sizes and specifications.

Foundry Castings in Automotive Parts

When you originally imagined your life and the industries that facilitate your everyday activities, it’s more than likely that you thought about your car. The automotive industry utilizes the services of nonferrous casting foundries more than nearly any other industry, due to the fact that vehicles are built using hundreds of unique metal components. When it comes to producing high-quality metal castings for the automotive industry, Patriot Foundry has extensive experience. In addition to casting parts, we also offer assembly, integration, reverse engineering, and prototype casting to ensure quality. Since the birth of the automotive industry, the foundry casting industry has worked behind the scenes to quickly produce the components required to build better and better vehicles. When you drive to work in the morning, you’re sitting in an assembly of numerous parts produced in a foundry just like ours.

Foundry Castings for Aerospace Technology

When you think about the aerospace industry, you probably imagine the impressive size and durability of the components required to make a safe air or space vessel. Foundries are to thank for the production of these components, but not all foundries can handle the size, level of precision, or unique specifications of these important parts. At Patriot Foundry, we’re capable of casting parts that weigh up to 232lbs! This unique capability, paired with our strict procedures and lean production methods allow us to deliver the highest quality components for clients who manufacture aerospace parts and vessels.

Now that you understand the role of foundry castings in so many different industries that serve important roles in your life, you won’t be surprised to learn that Patriot Foundry also serves a wide range of other industries including Biotech, Statuary, Military, Firefighting, Imaging, Packaging, and more! If you have questions or require a casting for your application, contact Patriot Foundry today!