How We Reduced Our Casting Scrap Rate by 98%

Patriot Foundry is committed to producing defect-free bronze, aluminum, and zinc alloy casts for our clients. We set ourselves apart from other foundries by fostering partnerships with our customers to provide unique solutions to production challenges. When a recent project presented an imposing 50% casting scrap rate, we turned to ESI ProCAST software to help us drastically reduce waste and increase efficiency while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

The Problem: Excessive Metal Scrap Waste

When a military client made a late stage request for a flawless finish on a sand casted nickel-aluminum-bronze gearbox, we were faced with a serious problem. Creating a final product that was free of grind marks required us to cast the part upside down; a solution that, while effective in dealing with the finishing issues, resulted in other problems that didn’t become apparent until later production stages. Shrinkage porosity defects that only became visible after final machining in 50% of final casts left us with a crippling scrap rate.

Changing numerous aspects of the mold only led to the defects relocating to other areas of the gearbox, leaving little else that could be done to make the casting process more efficient. This trial and error approach was causing severe time and budget setbacks. But rather than settling for high casting scrap rates or sub-par quality, we enlisted the help of ESI ProCAST casting simulation software.


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The Solution: ESI ProCAST Casting Simulation Software

By working with ESI and using the ProCAST interface, Patriot Foundry engineers ran numerous virtual simulations to isolate three areas on the gearbox mold that were at a high risk for shrinkage porosity defects. In light of these insights, chills were added to the thick-ringed portion around the opening to the gearbox, extra material was added to the bosses’ risers to enable better feeding, and two risers were positioned closer to the part. The outcome? A defect-free final product with faster turnaround and more efficient manufacturing.

With the help of 3D modeling and casting simulation from ESI ProCAST software, we were able to implement an effective solution without wasting time and resources on trial and error guesswork. The resulting method yielded a 98% reduction in casting scrap rate; an impressive improvement that netted savings for both Patriot Foundry and our valued client. Budget and time constraints were met and our client received flawless parts that also met their aesthetic requirement.


ESI ProCAST software is an invaluable asset to Patriot Foundry in our mission to provide superior quality casts using lean production methods. We work with our clients to come up with custom solutions that speak to each individual project’s needs. Contact Patriot Foundry today to find out how we can work with you to lower costs and improve quality.