International Trade Council Interviews Chris Leuteritz

As Patriot Foundry has grown since its inception in 1984, it has always operated on the principles of quality work and superior craftsmanship. When Debbi and Chris Leuteritz purchased the foundry in 2008 they had a vision of keeping the company up to speed with the changing needs of customers and industry standards. Since then, the foundry has come a long way, even garnering attention on an international scale! Most recently, the International Trade Council Interviewed Chris Leuteritz to gain some insight into Patriot Foundry’s successes.

The International Trade Council: Leadership in Economic Growth

The International Trade Council is a trusted business facilitator for companies around the world. By offering services ranging from networking and promotion to consulting advice, the Council has established itself among the international business community. Companies are offered membership in the Council to increase their trust among consumers and garner participation in their respective communities.

In addition to promotion and business intelligence, the International Trade Council also enables access to the larger political and international communities. As one of the world’s largest international trade bodies, the Council has a strong presence in politics and provides small individual businesses with a venue to affect real change in their industries. Everything from overseeing trade related legislation to establishing connections and lines of communication with policymakers are on the docket for the ITC, making it a powerful resource for all sorts of companies.

Gaining Insight into Patriot Foundry’s Success
The International Trade Council recently interviewed one of Patriot Foundry’s owners, Chris Leuteritz, to gain some insight into what makes the company tick. Questions focused on everything from Chris’ personal life, to customer demographics, to the “keys to success” in the metal casting industry.